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Phocos is among the world leaders in the manufacturing of solar powered charge controllers and components for off-grid power supply. The products developed and produced by Phocos enable the eco-friendly and efficient use of solar energy. Solar regulators are essential components of any solar power system. Their function is to safeguard the battery against overcharging and discharge in excess of a specific value. Phocos charge controllers can also assist with increasing the efficiency of your solar power system. 

Solar Solutions stocks an extensive range of Phocos charge controllers that ensure that no matter how specific your requirements, Solar Solutions will have the suitable product to meet your needs. Contact our team of professional for further information or advice.

Phocos | product ranges

CIS Series

12-24V, 5A /10A /20A, IP65.

MCU Series

12/24/48V, 90x150x112mm, IP22.

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