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Battery Alarm GX

The Battery Alarm is a small and low cost alarm panel which monitors your battery bank.

Charger Switch

A remote on-off switch for the Skylla-TG Charger.

Color Control GX 12, 24, 48V DC

12-48V DC, 9-70V DC Power supply voltage range, 10/100/1000MB RJ45 socket.

Digital Multi Control 200/200A

This panel is intended both for Multi’s and Quattro’s. It allows PowerControl and PowerAssist current limit setting for two AC sources: a generator and shore-side current for example.

Digital Multi Control 200/200A GX

The Digital Multi Control Panel GX is the same as the previous version, but with a new design. An extra advantage of this panel is the easy mounting: the included mounting frame allows the user to mount the panel from either front or back side.

Ion Control

Remote Control Panel for 24V battery system Lynx Ion.

MPPT Control

The MPPT Control lets you see the status and setup all MPPTs that use a VE.Direct communications port.

Phoenix Charger Control

The panel provides remote control and monitoring of the charge process with LED indication of the charger status.

Phoenix Inverter Control

This panel is intended for Phoenix inverters equipped with a UTP remote monitoring and control socket.

Remote panel for 12/24V-20A (DUO)

Remote panel for 12/24V-20A (DUO), 49 x 113 x 113, 0.21kg.

Remote Panel for BlueSolar PWM-Pro

Warning LED, Audible Alarm, Communication LED, LCD screen, RS485 communication and power interface.

Skylla Control

The Skylla Control allows you to alter the charge current and see the system status.

Skylla-i Control GX

The Skylla-i Control allows you to alter the charge current and see the system status.

VE.Bus Multi Control 16/200A

This is a remote control and monitoring panel for the Phoenix Multi/MultiPlus.

VE.Direct Bluetooth Dongle

Using the VE.Direct to Bluetooth Low Energy dongle you can display your BMV or MPPT information on iOS and Android devices, using the VictronConnect app.

VE.Net Blue Power Panel 2

9 – 70 V DC, 3A/30VDC/250V AC (Normally Open), aluminium enclosure, 130 x 120 x 40mm, 0.28Kg.

VE.Net GMDSS Panel

VE.Net is a plug and play network for power monitoring and control.

Victron Ethernet Remote

The Ethernet Remote is similar to the Global Remote. The difference is that the Ethernet Remote has a LAN-connection.

Victron Global Remote 2

 It can also log data from Victron Battery Monitors, Multi’s, Quattro’s and Inverters to a website through a GPRS connection. The usage of this website is free of charge.

VE.Net Blue Power Panel GX

The Blue Power Panel GX is the same as the Blue Power Panel 2, but with a new design.

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