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Sunfix is a trusted brand in the solar industry. Solar Solutions stocks an extensive range of Sunfix solar structures that are sure to accommodate the unique requirements of our customers. Your choice of solar structure will directly affect the output of your solar power system. Installing the appropriate solar structure will ensure that your solar panels are exposed to their greatest advantage. Whether you need a flat or pitch roof mount, Sunfix has the structure best suited to your requirements. Sunfix also manufactures street and security light structures. 

If you require advice on what solar structure is best to optimise your solar system, contact the professionals at Solar Solutions.  We will gladly assist with any queries you may have.

Sunfix | product ranges

Flat Roof Mount 

Ground Mount  The innovative, double-sided flat roof mounting system for low ballast flat roofs, very easy assembly.

Ground Mount

Ground Mount If a site is unsuitable for a roof-mounted solar system, a ground mount made of pressure-treated lumber is an alternative.

Ground mounts also provide a more natural look in an outdoor environment and require the smallest footprint.

Pitch Roof Mount

A typical roof mount consists of a group of interconnected photovoltaic modules, called a solar array, directly attached to a building. A north-facing roof is ideal for the array to receive as much sunlight as possible.

Pole Mount 

Pole Mount A pole-mounted system, which consists of a solar array supported by a single galvanized steel pole, is another alternative to a roof-mounted system.

One advantage of a pole-mounted system is having the ability to adjust the solar array at different times of the year for optimal output. 

Security Light Structure

They can provide the needed lighting levels and distribution patterns to provide the perfect lighting solution.

Street Light Structure

Solar street light Structure: solar street lighting system have unique characteristics of delicate design, simple structure, energy saving as well as turnkey solution.

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