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System monitoring is recommended if not essential, for obtaining the absolute maximum performance from your solar energy system. Steca offers a number of different system monitoring products to optimise your output. From remote monitoring to data loggers, Steca’s extensive range of system monitoring products will ensure that you keep track of the functioning of your solar system. 

Solar Solution stocks a wide range of system monitoring devices to accommodate the specific requirements of our customers. For information or advice on system monitoring devices, contact the Solar Solutions team today.

Steca | product ranges

ALD1 and ALE3

Digital energy meter System monitoring for StecaGrid 300 and StecaGrid 500.

Meteocontrol Comfort

Remote monitoring of photovoltaic systems. free web portal in several languages. Maximum safety.

Meteocontrol WEB‘log

Remote monitoring of photovoltaic systems. web portal in several languages. best energy yield, Maximum safety.

Solar - Log

Data loggers by Solare datensysteme are sought-after specialists for optimised remote monitoring.

StecaGrid Connect

StecaGrid Connect network interface card.

StecaGrid Control N1

StecaGrid Control N1 monitors a system with a maximum output of 3,600 watts.

StecaGrid Portal

SYSTEM MONITORING - Locally and remotely.

StecaGrid Remote

In addition to the StecaGrid Control I1, an external wireless remote display unit is available.

StecaGrid Vision

StecaGrid vision display unit is to provide the system operator with a representation of the entire system’s data.

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