How You Can Become Energy Independent

Residential solar power systems are what we call “grid tied”. This means that they connect directly to the power grid which is controlled by your local power company. During the day your solar power system will generate too much electricity for you to use, so this electricity is fed back onto the main grid, making your house like a small power station.

At night when the sun is not available to provide your PV panels with sunlight, you simply draw the power you need back off of the grid, or if the grid has failed for some reason you draw the power off of your Sunny Island inverter.

If you want to find out how much power you need to generate then revert back to your old utility bills. If you take a close look at your bill there should be a monthly kWH rating (kilowatt-hour). This is the amount of power you use each month. If at all possible, estimate your average while remembering to account for the change of seasons. You will always use more power in winter.

Remember that the size of your home is completely unrelated to the amount of power you consume.



Inverters from SMA – The Heart of the Solar Power System

A solar inverter from SMA is the easiest and most effective way to harness the suns power. Inverters convert the DC current which is generated by the solar panels into AC current which is grid acceptable and appliance friendly. This makes the inverter the heart of the solar energy system.

SMA is a market leader is solar inverters and continues to set benchmarks in the industry. SMA has a leading-edge efficiency of 98% and the new technology which SMA constantly creates ensures user convenience and the highest possible yields.

Solar Solutions will always offer you the right device for the job. We have available devices for all applications, from grid-connections to standalone grids, small systems for residential homes and commercial systems in the Megawatt range.

Devices Available for Small and Mid-Range Systems

The Sunny Boy solar inverters from SMA characterise technology and quality leadership. These devices are best suited for small to mid-range systems. This product is characterised by its user friendly interface, reliability and efficiency.

Repeatedly acclaimed and constantly developing, The Sunny Boys are market leaders. In addition to this, SMA’s new generation of products come with innovative technologies such as H5-Topology and OptiTrac. These technologies have made these products even more efficient and have yielded greater social power.

SUNNY BOY (Home Owner System)

The Sunny Boy inverters (1200, 1700, 2500 and 3000) are universally applicable. These models are used in some of the most diverse AC grids thanks to a superior function called galvanised isolation. These devices can also be suitable components when it comes to grounding the generator. Installation is simplified and costs are reduced with the use of the integrated ESS DC load-disconnection switch. OptiTrac MPP tracking process ensures that the inverter finds the optimal working point, even under less than favourable weather conditions. In doing this, the inverter converts solar power to solar earnings.