Why Solar Power?

Basically, because the sun is the greatest resource we have available to us in the 21st century.

We are currently facing the threat of diminishing natural resources. Not only are these natural resources such as oil, gas and coal becoming increasingly scarce but they also cause environmental damage and degradation.

In addition to this, these natural resources such as fossil fuels, power stations and centralised power grids make us increasingly dependent on large, often corrupt, corporation and unethical, undemocratic regimes. These massive infrastructures are also too expensive for developing countries to be able to afford. When we look at this state of affairs it becomes more and more apparent that the answer is renewable energy. Renewable energy is the only way to guarantee a sustainable and ecologically friendly future power supply.

Is nuclear power an option? Unfortunately not, it is extremely hazardous, very expensive and a finite resource which is in no sense climate friendly. There are no drawbacks to solar energy.

The question, “Why Solar Energy?” almost becomes redundant when you look at the facts. Name two raw materials which are inexhaustible; sun and sand. These are the two main components used to generate solar energy.

With this in mind it comes as no surprise that electricity which is produced on rooftops will soon be cheaper than conventional electricity which we draw from a socket in the wall. Indeed, solar energy is the key to future economic growth and when we think of the impact which is can, and will, have it becomes evident that the development of solar power can be compared to other modern marvels of the past such as the steam engine, the car and the computer.

But better, because there are no social, environmental or economical drawbacks to solar energy. Germany is currently leading the charge when it comes to developing new, cutting-edge expertise for future solar technology.

Does solar energy require fuels and electricity grids? No. Is solar power the most promising future source of a fair, private, local and environmentally friendly power supply? Yes.

This is why you should choose solar power:

  • The main power source, the sun, will continue to shine for another 4 billion years and continue to supply free energy as it does so.
  • The amount of solar energy which reaches the earth exceeds our daily requirements by 10 000 to 15 000 times!
  • Generating solar energy does not produce CO2, making it environmentally friendly.
  • A solar power system grants you independence, allows you to become self sufficient and delivers you from rising energy costs.
  • Solar power is the only energy source which can be produced locally, worldwide.
  • Energy waste is minimalised and costs are reduced seeing as long transportation distances are no longer required.
  • You cannot monopolise the sun. It is independent of corporations and undemocratic regimes.
  • Solar power is harmless; clean, green, renewable energy.

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