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Schletter is a renowned manufacturer of professional solar mounting structures. Schletter offers a variety of fasteners for photovoltaic modules. These extensive range of products are manufactured in Germany. The Schletter PV-mounting system is comprised of quality components with maximum durability to endure harsh environmental conditions. 

Solar Solutions is a proud stockist of a wide range of Schletter’s solar structures; carport solar structures, facade systems as well as open area mounting structures. Solar Solutions will equip you with the best solar structure to meet your design requirements. 

Schletter | product ranges


Our long-term experience as the market leader in the field of fastening technology secures your investment in the future.

Facade Systems

Mounting and fastening systems with different surfaces and in different color designs.

Flat Roof

The low ballast flat roof system Dome.

Open Area Mounting

On the basis of the given project data, specific national standards and guidelines, we will calculate the complete structural analysis and create a complete project plan.

Pitched Roof

A typical roof mount consists of a group of interconnected photovoltaic modules, called a solar array, directly attached to a building. A south-facing roof is ideal for the array to receive as much sunlight as possible. 

However, solar can also be effective when mounted onto east- or west-facing roofs.

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