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Solar Solutions is a proud stockist of Motormate solar battery chargers. Motormate compact DC - DC isolated Power Converter utilises the latest switch-mode technology providing a stable and clean power source with an even voltage output over substantial distances.

Motormate solar battery chargers have been purposely developed to meet modern automobile applications and are suitable for all lead acid batteries. You can connect to any loading without worrying about the interruption or corrosion from input to the output. The converter can also be used as a battery for charging to extend the battery life. Motormate solar battery chargers are available with outputs suitable for 12V and 24V. They are encased in tough anodized aluminium with overload and short circuit protection and LED indicators.

Motormate | product ranges

Compact Battery Chargers

12V and 24V battery charger with variety of DC output current from 10A to 15A (12V) and 5A to 8A (24V).

Smart Battery Chargers

12V and 24V Battery Charger with variety of DC output current from 20A to 70A (12V) and 10A to35A (24V).

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