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Using your battery when it is undercharged can be detrimental to the condition of your battery. If you run your batteries flat could result in the unnecessary replacement of the depleted battery. A battery that is connected to an electrical device can run flat without your knowledge. You require a battery protector in order to prevent your battery from running flat. A battery protector will end the power supply when the battery’s voltage drops below a programmed level. Avoid the inconvenience of checking your battery levels by implementing a battery protector to prevent depletion and superfluous expenses.

At Solar Solutions, we stock 12V and 24V Motormate battery protectors. Motormate compact DC - DC isolated Power Converter utilises the latest switch-mode technology. It has been purposefully developed to meet modern motor vehicle applications. You can connect to any appliance without the concern of interruption or corrosion from input to the output.

Motormate | product ranges

12V Battery Protector

30-60A, 12VDC(10.5~16VDC)

24V Battery Protector

30-60A, 24VDC(10.5~16VDC)

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