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Solar regulators are used to regulate the amount of current that flows into the battery; its purpose is to prevent a battery from overcharging. Solar Solutions offers the PVC-7480; this controller is designed for discerning users who want to determine the controls of a charging profile, load programs, battery disconnect and reconnect settings, specifically fine tuned for their solar systems.

This product has the following features:

  • 12 / 24V, 40A system selection. 
  • LCD (with on-off back light) that shows the power status of solar, charging & load, all in one display. 
  • 3 Stage charging plus an equalization for wet battery, and PWM regulation for absorption and float charge. 
  • Adjustable charging profile, LVD voltage and delay time, LVR voltage, 2 night lights and 2 Day light load programs. 
  • Remote trigger or on/off control capability for the external alarm and devices to operate at the same time as the load control and LVD of the charge controller. 
  • 7-day ampere hour records. 
  • Remote battery temperature sensor.
  • Remote battery voltage sensing.
  • USB charging port for charging portable electronic devices.

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12 / 24VDC 40A Programmable PV Charge Controller.

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