Manson | Battery Isolators and Combiners


Manson is an engineering company that supplies premium DC power supplies. Solar Solutions stocks a range of Manson products such battery isolators and combiners.  

One of the Manson products that we have on offer is the SSB-5113; this product is a dual battery programme isolator that has the following features:

  • 120 Amp continuous. 
  • Selectable 12V / 24V battery system.
  • 3 digit led display of operation and protection status. 
  • Display of Main & House battery voltage in isolation mode. 
  • Supplied with Remote LED Module with Over-ride button. 
  • Programmable 3 threshold voltages with respective delay time. 
  • Selectable Ignition Control.

Manson | product ranges


12/24VDC, 120A continuous and 500Amp peak for 5sec@10% duty cycle.

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