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JA Sola is a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance solar power products that convert sunlight into electricity for residential, commercial, and utility-scale power generation. JA Solar is committed to providing clean and renewable energy in order to minimise the energy shortage as well reduce humans’ negative impact on our environment.

Solar Solutions has a variety of JA solar panels in stock. Each product is designed to accommodate a variety of applications for commercial and residential use. Contact Solar Solutions today for further information on their range of JA solar panels. 

JA Solar | product ranges

JAP6 60-245/3BB

245W, 37.50Voc/V, 29.59Vmp/V, 8.86Isc/A, 8.28Imp/A, Module Efficiency 14.98%.

JAP6 60-250/3BB

250W, 37.66Voc/V, 29.94Vmp/V, 8.92Isc/A, 8.35Imp/A, Module Efficiency 15.29%.

JAP6 60-255/3BB

255W, 37.82Voc/V, 30.29Vmp/V, 8.98Isc/A, 8.42Imp/A, Module Efficiency 15.59%.

JAP6 60-260/3BB

260W, 37.98Voc/V, 30.63Vmp/V, 9.04Isc/A, 8.49Imp/A, Module Efficiency 15.90%.

JAP6 60-265/3BB

265W, 38.14Voc/V, 30.96Vmp/V, 9.10Isc/A, 8.56Imp/A, Module Efficiency 16.21%.

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