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Solar Solutions are stockists of Fronius solar accessories. Fronius specialises in solar control boxes and have an extensive range of products to meet your specific requirements. Solar Solutions is happy to assist and advise you on the Fronius Control that is best suited to your particular solar power system. Fronius are the frontrunners in developing new technologies and solutions for monitoring and controlling energy. Fronius specialises in battery charging systems, welding technology and solar electronics. While others companies may develop gradually, at Fronius, we innovate in leaps and bounds by shifting the limits of what is possible. For more information on the Fronius range of solar accessories, contact Solar Solutions today.

Fronius | product ranges

Control 100/12

12 strings, 100A, IP55,330 x 440 x 145 mm

Control 250/25

12 strings, 250A, IP55,680 x 500 x 170 mm

Control 250/25 DCD DF

25 strings, 250A, IP55,330 x 822 x 571 x 216 mm

Control 250/30

30 strings, 250A, IP55,580 x 720 x 200 mm

Control 50/30 DCD DF

30 strings, 250A, IP55,741 x 750 x 246 mm

DC Box 60/12

850V, 60A, IP65, 300 x 400 x 132 mm

DC Junction box

4 strings, 530V, IP54,220 x 168 x 112.5 mm


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