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Current Automation offers an extensive range of solar accessories from cable couplers, to solar and UV solar cables and structure bags for panels and brackets. For all your additional solar requirements, Current Automation supplies a variety of quality products at affordable prices. Current Automation founded its operations in 1994 and has accumulated extensive knowledge in supplying battery, power supply and solar solutions to the southern African market. Current Automation expanded into all Power Related product lines and is continuously expanding into all power and alternative power energy products. Current Automation aims to obtain and sustain a prominent part of the power market demand. We supply our customers with quality as well as cost effective solutions.

Current Automation | product ranges

7931378801360158013_MC4 FEMALE CABLE COUPLER_thumb.jpg
MC4 Female Cable Coupler

MC4 Female Cable Coupler

11279028001360158013_MC4 MALE CABLE COUPLER_thumb.jpg
MC4 Male Cable Coupler

MC4 Male Cable Coupler

Solar cable sold per roll

Solar cable sold per roll of 200 or 500m.

Structure Bags

Solar panel carry bag dimensions:


Left to Right = 1290

Bottom to Top = 595

Back to Front = 115


Solar panel bracket bag dimensions:


Left to Right = 1565

Diameter = 110

UV 4mm Solar Cable


4mm UV solar cable.


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