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Solar Solutions is a proud stockist of the Akraboot4. This innovative product is provides the ultimate security for your solar panels. The installation of a solar power system can be extremely pricey and thieves are on the look out to capitalise on an easy steal. Tampering with one panel will disengage the connection the entire system. Make the smart decision to secure your asset. The Akraboot4 is indestructible and durable. It locks pairs of adjacent panels to each other and to the mounting system. Akraboot4 is cost effective, simple and easy to install - virtually impossible to remove.

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We are well aware that solar panels are open to theft and there is very little that can be done about it. They are very easy to steal. Insurance companies testify that elaborate patrols, supported by surveillance cameras, do not work in the long run.

Once one panel has been removed, the rest of that row is automatically disconnected, and thus effectively stolen. For the experts, "the job" can be swift and lucrative.

The bottom line is that Akraboot 4 has reduced theft by over 90%.

No panel damage and no heavy maintenance.

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